Points Per Game

Ana Jokovic

ZKK Buducnost
Born : 16.07.1979
Place of birth: Belgrade (SRB)

Height: 1.86
Games: 14
Position: F

Avg 21.1

1. Jokovic, A. ZKK Buducnost1429621.1
2. Sarenac, R. Tarbes GB1324719.0
3. Ferancikov√°, M. SCP1322717.5
4. Valdemoro, A. Ros Casares1219916.6
5. Trzesniewska, E. PZU Polfa1321316.4
6. Wauters, A. Union Sportive Valenciennes Olympic1727816.4
7. Balogh, J. Gysevorsi-Euroleasing1727816.4
8. Maksimovic, S. CJM Bourges Basket1625916.2
9. Melvin, C. Lotos VBW Clima1524116.1
10. Dydek, M. Lotos VBW Clima1523615.7
11. Scott, O. Famila Beretta1421815.6
12. Kovacevic, G. Gysevorsi-Euroleasing1726215.4
13. Milton-Jones, D. UMMC Ekaterinburg1724614.5
14. Bibrzycka, A. Lotos VBW Clima1521414.3
15. Vesel, S. SCP1318514.2
16. Abrosimova, S. Famila Beretta1419914.2
17. Vodickov√°, K. Gambrinus JME1825314.1
18. Grubin, G. Lotos VBW Clima1521014.0
19. Korstin, I. CJM Bourges Basket1722813.4
20. Zirkov√°, Z. Gambrinus JME1925013.2
Qualification criteria:
  • Players appearing amongst the statistical leaders must have played in at least 50% of the total number of games that could be played by one team.