Points Per Game

Raziya Mujanovic

Societa Ginnastica
Born : 15.04.1967
Place of birth: Ratkovici, Celic (BIH)

Height: 2.02
Games: 19
Position: C

Avg 20.4

1. Mujanovic, R. Societa Ginnastica1938820.4
2. Zasulskaya, N. CB Godella2039519.8
3. McClain, K. CB Godella2038919.5
4. Kremer, P. GoldZack1832918.3
5. Gordon, B. Societa Ginnastica1932917.3
6. Sandie, S. GoldZack1830817.1
7. Brondello, S. GoldZack1830617.0
8. Pretreger, S. WBC Jezica1929815.7
9. Draigor, A. Elitzur Holon1726515.6
10. Dydek, M. TS Olimpia1928915.2
11. Nazarenko, L. Challes Savoie1725414.9
12. Krivic, K. WBC Jezica1826314.6
13. Papailia, A. Sporting Flash 9.611927214.3
14. Malaya, L. TS Olimpia1925413.4
15. Ksendzhik, E. TS Olimpia1924913.1
16. Grossman, O. Elitzur Holon1721512.6
17. Petridi, A. Sporting Flash 9.611822512.5
18. Henderson, C. Sporting Flash 9.611417212.3
19. Sanchez Ortega, P. CB Godella1113512.3
20. Rom, L. Elitzur Holon1619111.9
Qualification criteria:
  • Players appearing amongst the statistical leaders must have played in at least 50% of the total number of games that could be played by one team.