Points Per Game

Elena Khoudachova

Challes Savoie
Born : 10.07.1965
Place of birth: Khabarovsk (RUS)

Height: 1.95
Games: 12
Position: C

Avg 24.8

1. Khoudachova, E. Challes Savoie1229824.8
2. Jonkuté, I. SCP1633020.6
3. McClain, K. CB Godella1427719.8
4. Mujanovic, R. Societa Ginnastica1427319.5
5. Kurtinaitiené, D. SCP1630118.8
6. Zasulskaya, N. CB Godella1425718.4
7. Gordon, B. Societa Ginnastica1321416.5
8. Vilutyte, J. MiZo Pecsi VSK1219416.2
9. Balazs, H. MiZo Pecsi VSK1015315.3
10. Marencikova, E. Dynamo1115714.3
11. Tkachenko, M. Dynamo912313.7
12. Sukharnova, O. Challes Savoie1216013.3
13. Dovgalyuk, O. Dynamo1417612.6
14. Yaropolova(Sadovnikova), D. Dynamo1417312.4
15. Sztojkovics, E. MiZo Pecsi VSK1113512.3
16. Bielikova, I. SCP1618411.5
17. Garbov√°, B. SCP1617811.1
18. Geuer Draeger, M. CB Godella1414710.5
19. Fullin, M. Societa Ginnastica1313010.0
20. Venturi, F. Challes Savoie9859.4
Qualification criteria:
  • Players appearing amongst the statistical leaders must have played in at least 50% of the total number of games that could be played by one team.