Points Per Game

Kristin Just Folkl

Ano Liosia Basketball
Born : 19.12.1975
Place of birth: MO (USA)

Height: 1.88
Games: 6

Avg 25.0

1. Folkl, K. Ano Liosia Basketball615025.0
2. Gant, T. Bne Yehuda Ziontronics37324.3
3. Alhaleem, T. Bne Yehuda Ziontronics613722.8
4. Arbutina, A. KK Hemofarm Vrsac612821.3
5. Hall, V. Maccabi Ramat Chen Blich611719.5
6. Gourevitch, I. Yes Ramat Hasharon611519.2
7. Juric, T. Apollon47619.0
8. Reid, T. Yes Ramat Hasharon35518.3
9. Brown, T. Maccabi Ra'anana610717.8
10. Douglas, K. Ano Liosia Basketball58917.8
11. Doychinov, H. Academic Test47017.5
12. Matovic, I. Vojvodina NIS-GAS46716.8
13. Yildizoglu, A. Botasspor Club Adana610016.7
14. Momirov, S. KK Hemofarm Vrsac69616.0
15. Edwards, S. Maccabi Ramat Chen Blich69515.8
16. Grinboym, R. Maccabi Ramat Chen Blich69315.5
17. Stefanova, E. Slavia46215.5
18. Record, E. Erdemirspor Kulubu69215.3
19. Markovic, J. KK Hemofarm Vrsac69115.2
20. Tsarova-Vasileva, A. Luftetari Club46015.0
Qualification criteria:
  • Players appearing amongst the statistical leaders must have played in at least 50% of the total number of games that could be played by one team.