Points Per Game

Cynthia Lynne Cooper

Sport Club Alcamo
Born : 14.04.1963
Place of birth: Chicago, IL (USA)

Games: 12

Avg 37.5

1. Cooper, C. Sport Club Alcamo1245037.5
2. Gillom, J. Riunita Messinese1025325.3
3. Manning, S. Halcon Viajes Alba1226722.3
4. Stewart, S. Challes Savoie817521.9
5. Balogh, J. Tarbes GB1430021.4
6. Kuklova, A. Aix en Provence BB1123121.0
7. Berukstiene (Gyraite), L. IMOS-Gambrinus918921.0
8. Tzekova, P. Tarbes GB1327220.9
9. Mapp, R. Aix en Provence BB1121919.9
10. Braxton, J. Riunita Messinese1019319.3
11. Arbutina, A. KK Hemofarm Vrsac917319.2
12. Nemeth, A. BSE ESMA1222718.9
13. Valdemoro, A. Halcon Viajes Alba1220617.2
14. Dydek, M. USV Olympic915317.0
15. Pelikanova, E. IMOS-Gambrinus813516.9
16. Thomas, D. BSE ESMA1118216.5
17. Phillips, T. Sport Club Alcamo1524316.2
18. Cosic, J. KK Hemofarm Vrsac812816.0
19. Brown, Y. Halcon Viajes Alba1218915.8
20. Burge, H. Lavezzini Parma812015.0
Qualification criteria:
  • Players appearing amongst the statistical leaders must have played in at least 50% of the total number of games that could be played by one team.