Points Per Game

Cynthia Lynne Cooper

Lavezzini Basket
Born : 14.04.1963
Place of birth: Chicago, IL (USA)

Games: 9

Avg 32.8

1. Cooper, C. Lavezzini Basket929532.8
2. Marilova, N. Uralmash718626.6
3. Braxton, J. VIVO-Will Wood1024624.6
4. Dobrovicov√°, E. Vigo819123.9
5. Toler, V. Scuola Pitagora614023.3
6. McGee, P. Lavezzini Basket920122.3
7. Lacey, V. Scuola Pitagora613222.0
8. Shepeleva, T. Uralmash816420.5
9. Bakai, E. DKSK BorsodChem816420.5
10. Cesarini, E. Scuola Pitagora58917.8
11. Streimikyte, J. Lietuvos Telekomas610417.3
12. Madra, I. TS Olimpia58617.2
13. Borukova, M. Kremikovtzi711716.7
14. Smith, B. VIVO-Will Wood1016716.7
15. Popova, V. Kremikovtzi69916.5
16. Papailia, A. Sporting Flash 9.61711316.1
17. Wild, E. DKSK BorsodChem812515.6
18. Enyedi, E. Sporting Flash 9.61710615.1
19. Savova, M. Kremikovtzi710314.7
20. Ambrus, E. DKSK BorsodChem811614.5
Qualification criteria:
  • Players appearing amongst the statistical leaders must have played in at least 50% of the total number of games that could be played by one team.