Points Per Game

Orlando Lamonte Lightfoot

Echo Houthalen BC
Born : 04.12.1970
Place of birth: TN (USA)

Height: 2.02
Games: 8
Position: F

Avg 28.6

1. Lightfoot, O. Echo Houthalen BC822928.6
2. Loncar Arsenijevic, N. Varese Roosters821326.6
3. Howell, L. Castors Dr. Pepper817922.4
4. Koronios, E. Radio Korasidi920022.2
5. Grusanovic, M. Zorka Pharma919822.0
6. Stojakovic, P. PAOK BC1021921.9
7. Jamchy, D. Maccabi817521.9
8. Massey, J. Mazowiecki KS1124021.8
9. Stein, H. SV-Tally817421.8
10. Taylor, J. Ovarense Aerosoles919221.3
11. Dzunic, B. ZTE KK817021.3
12. Murzin, Y. Dendi-Basket817021.3
13. Ristanovic, D. BK Baník Cígel817021.3
14. Lukjanec, A. BC Slovakofarma816921.1
15. Popovic, O. KK Beobanka1021021.0
16. Walker, T. Mazowiecki KS1633420.9
17. Ilic, V. Zorka Pharma1020820.8
18. Smith IV, C. KK Crvena Zvezda918620.7
19. King, F. Turismo Andaluz816520.6
20. Scott, R. Turismo Andaluz816320.4
Qualification criteria:
  • Players appearing amongst the statistical leaders must have played in at least 50% of the total number of games that could be played by one team.