Points Per Game

Mike Doyle

BBC Okapi Maes
Born : 26.04.1968
Place of birth: Sacramento, CA (USA)

Height: 2.00
Games: 10
Position: F

Avg 24.9

1. Doyle, M. BBC Okapi Maes1024924.9
2. Tvrdic, D. BC Split1433523.9
3. Stoykov, T. Tcherno More1228123.4
4. Lewis, D. Haribo London Towers1023123.1
5. Ansley, M. Darüssafaka Dernegi1431722.6
6. Nailon, L. Adecco1124522.3
7. Horvat, R. Achilleas1225120.9
8. Jordan, A. Honka Playboys1020620.6
9. Miller, J. FC Porto1632420.3
10. Naglic, A. BC Slovakofarma1224320.3
11. Smodis, M. BC KRKA Telekom1121719.7
12. Williams, K. Hapoel Migdal Jerusalem1427219.4
13. Dinkins, B. Iraklis BC SA1426719.1
14. Hughes, K. Tcherno More1120818.9
15. Shannon, R. Albacomp-UPC1018818.8
16. Radja, D. KK Zadar1731118.3
17. Butler, D. Achilleas1018218.2
18. Giedraitis, A. BC Lietuvos Rytas1832418.0
19. Sanders, J. Norrköping Dolphins1119617.8
20. Bucknall, S. Haribo London Towers1017717.7
Qualification criteria:
  • Players appearing amongst the statistical leaders must have played in at least 50% of the total number of games that could be played by one team.