Points Per Game

Ibrahim Kutluay

Fenerbahçe SK
Born : 07.01.1974
Place of birth: Üsküdar, Istanbul (TUR)

Height: 1.98
Games: 17
Position: G

Avg 21.4

1. Kutluay, I. Fenerbahçe SK1736421.4
2. Bodiroga, D. Panathinaikos AC1734420.2
3. Erdenay, H. Ülker SC1836220.1
4. Mrsic, V. Varese Roosters1733419.6
5. Kattash, O. Maccabi 1426719.1
6. Naumoski, P. Efes Pilsen1936219.1
7. Radja, D. Panathinaikos AC1729617.4
8. Alexander, V. Maccabi 1831317.4
9. Rigaudeau, A. Virtus Buckler Bologna2136317.3
10. Dayneko, V. CSKA1831017.2
11. Berry, W. PAOK BC1525316.9
12. Danilovic, P. Virtus Buckler Bologna1423616.9
13. Alexis, W. ALBA1626716.7
14. Myers, C. Winnington Group2134916.6
15. King, F. PAOK BC1524616.4
16. Pashutin, Z. Avtodor1625916.2
17. Einikis, G. Avtodor1625415.9
18. Komazec, A. Olympiakos BC1828115.6
19. Herreros, A. Real Madrid Teka2029915.0
20. Angulo Espinosa, F. Real Madrid Teka2029915.0
Qualification criteria:
  • Players appearing amongst the statistical leaders must have played in at least 50% of the total number of games that could be played by one team.