Points Per Game

Carlton Myers

Winnington Group
Born : 30.03.1971
Place of birth: London (ENG)

Height: 1.92
Games: 19
Position: G

Avg 22.9

1. Myers, C. Winnington Group1943622.9
2. Komazec, A. Kinder Pall. Bologna1635121.9
3. Naumoski, P. Efes Pilsen2245320.6
4. Williams, H. Adecco Estudiantes1732419.1
5. Rudd, E. ASVEL Lyon2443318.0
6. Anderson, M. Caja San Fernando1730417.9
7. Rivers, D. Olympiakos BC2339517.2
8. Beric, M. Partizan 1932617.2
9. Savic, Z. Kinder Pall. Bologna1932417.1
10. Bonato, Y. Limoges CSP1830216.8
11. Mulaomerovic, D. KK Cibona VIP1829616.4
12. Godfread, D. √úlker SC1626116.3
13. Alexis, W. ALBA1829016.1
14. Fucka, G. Adecco2234415.6
15. Frank, T. Caja San Fernando1726415.5
16. White, R. Maccabi 1929015.3
17. Bowie, A. Adecco2232915.0
18. Ene, O. √úlker SC1522314.9
19. Dayneko, V. CSKA1623614.8
20. Howard, B. ASVEL Lyon2232414.7
Qualification criteria:
  • Players appearing amongst the statistical leaders must have played in at least 50% of the total number of games that could be played by one team.