Points Per Game

Diana Taurasi

Born : 11.06.1982
Place of birth: Glendale, Los Angeles, CA (USA)

Height: 1.82
Games: 17
Position: G

Avg 20.5

1. Taurasi, D. Spartak1734820.5
2. Mosch, S. Lattes Montpellier1018718.7
3. Harper, L. Besiktas Cola Turka1018018.0
4. Troina, T. TTT Riga916218.0
5. Wauters, A. CSKA Moscow1221317.8
6. Carson, E. Umana Reyer1119117.4
7. Valdemoro, A. Ros Casares1525917.3
8. Langhorne, C. TEO Vilnius1220517.1
9. Jinks, C. Jolly JBS Sibenik1017017.0
10. Matovic, I. LOTOS PKO BP1321416.5
11. Vajda, A. MiZo Pécs 20101422916.4
12. Milton-Jones, D. Ros Casares1524316.2
13. Willingham, L. Halcon Avenida1727316.1
14. Fowles, S. Spartak1727015.9
15. Doron, S. Besiktas Cola Turka913915.4
16. Whalen, L. ZVVZ USK Prague1116915.4
17. Jackson, L. Spartak1624315.2
18. Milovanovic, J. MKB Euroleasing1725515.0
19. Beard, A. LOTOS PKO BP1319114.7
20. Gardin, K. Jolly JBS Sibenik1014614.6
Qualification criteria:
  • Players appearing amongst the statistical leaders must have played in at least 50% of the total number of games that could be played by one team.