Points Per Game

Tina Thompson

Spartak Moscow Region
Born : 10.02.1975
Place of birth: Los Angeles, CA (USA)

Height: 1.87
Games: 15
Position: F

Avg 21.1

1. Thompson, T. Spartak Moscow Region1531621.1
2. Milton-Jones, D. Ros Casares1735420.8
3. DeForge, A. Wisla Can-Pack917018.9
4. Wauters, A. CSKA1629918.7
5. Pondexter, C. Fenerbahce SK1628117.6
6. Powell, N. Halcon Avenida1220817.3
7. Gruda, S. USVO1220717.3
8. Batkovic, S. UMMC1322317.2
9. Matovic, I. MKB Euroleasing1321116.2
10. Nolan, D. Gambrinus1624215.1
11. Douglas, K. TEO Vilnius1319314.8
12. Canty, D. Wisla Can-Pack1217214.3
13. Gaither, K. Dexia Namur1318314.1
14. Skerovic, J. Wisla Can-Pack1216814.0
15. Ford, C. UMMC1317613.5
16. Taurasi, D. Spartak Moscow Region1215713.1
17. Whitmore, T. Spartak Moscow Region1620813.0
18. Kublina, I. USO Mondeville1215512.9
19. Maltsi, E. Bourges Basket1417912.8
20. Willoughby, K. USVO1215112.6
Qualification criteria:
  • Players appearing amongst the statistical leaders must have played in at least 50% of the total number of games that could be played by one team.