Points Per Game

Katie Douglas

Lietuvos Telekomas
Born : 07.05.1979
Place of birth: IN (USA)

Height: 1.83
Games: 17
Position: F

Avg 20.8

1. Douglas, K. Lietuvos Telekomas1735420.8
2. DeForge, A. Wisla Can-Pack1222618.8
3. Volnaya, S. USK Praha1016716.7
4. Bibrzycka, A. Lotos Gdynia1219816.5
5. Burse, J. USK Praha1016316.3
6. Milton-Jones, D. Gambrinus1726815.8
7. Wauters, A. VBM-SGAU1624915.6
8. Brunson, R. Dexia Namur1218415.3
9. Balas-Pirine Karolyi, A. MKB913815.3
10. Teasley, N. MKB1421415.3
11. Daley, G. USO Basket1217914.9
12. Cserny, R. MKB1420814.9
13. Batkovic, S. UMMC1217714.8
14. Matovic, I. MKB1115914.5
15. Bullett , V. Phard Napoli1217314.4
16. Stepanova, M. VBM-SGAU1622514.1
17. Ohlde, N. Dexia Namur1216613.8
18. Johnson, T. Wisla Can-Pack1216113.4
19. Gruda, S. USVO1621113.2
20. Jekabsone, A. Bourges Basket1519713.1
Qualification criteria:
  • Players appearing amongst the statistical leaders must have played in at least 50% of the total number of games that could be played by one team.