Points Per Game

Stacey Lovelace-Tolbert

Besiktas Cola Turka
Born : 05.12.1974
Place of birth: MI (USA)

Height: 1.93
Games: 8
Position: PF

Avg 23.9

1. Lovelace-Tolbert, S. Besiktas Cola Turka819123.9
2. Klarin Smiljanic, C. Université BC Neuchâtel819023.8
3. Brunson, R. Levoni Taranto1228323.6
4. Hodges, R. Gran Canaria818823.5
5. Lennox, B. Nadezhda1122020.0
6. Coker, M. Panküp TED Koleji816020.0
7. Johnson, S. Umana Reyer Venezia917919.9
8. Villarroel, O. Sdent Sierre Basket815419.3
9. Perovanovic, I. ZKK Buducnost815018.8
10. Palusna, R. MBK1018718.7
11. Doron, S. Elitzur Ramla1426118.6
12. Young, S. Galatasaray1424917.8
13. Mandir, S. Gospic1119417.6
14. Moore, S. Baschet ICIM814117.6
15. Currie, M. BC Moscow1627917.4
16. Jackson, D. Electra Ramat-Hasharon915517.2
17. Hodges, L. Levoni Taranto1016916.9
18. Wilson, L. MBK1016716.7
19. Vatansever, N. Botas Spor1016716.7
20. Givens, K. Botas Spor1016716.7
Qualification criteria:
  • Players appearing amongst the statistical leaders must have played in at least 50% of the total number of games that could be played by one team.