Points Per Game

Alvin Young

Born : 12.11.1975
Place of birth: New York (USA)

Height: 1.88
Games: 11
Position: G

Avg 22.6

1. Young, A. Bnei-Hasharon1124922.6
2. Long, A. Azovmash1532021.3
3. Williams, S. UNICS Kazan1531721.1
4. Dalmau, C. Galil Elyon1224520.4
5. El-Amin, K. Besiktas2040820.4
6. Hoskin, S. Ural Great1428420.3
7. Zecevic, A. Pepinster1326020.0
8. Mc Carty, K. St. Petersburg1937019.5
9. Mrsic, D. Fenerbahce1936819.4
10. Gibbs, K. Hapoel1529019.3
11. Eliyahu, L. Galil Elyon1222919.1
12. Shason, S. Ural Great1222919.1
13. Varda, R. Besiktas1731718.6
14. Barrett, R. JDA Dijon1120518.6
15. King, F. Lemesos1120118.3
16. Gipson, T. Amsterdam1425218.0
17. Greer, L. BC Kyiv1933917.8
18. Askrabic, O. St. Petersburg1933517.6
19. Harrison, C. Paris PBR1526317.5
20. Fajardo, S. Strasbourg1322617.4
Qualification criteria:
  • Players appearing amongst the statistical leaders must have played in at least 50% of the total number of games that could be played by one team.