Points Per Game

Frederick Warrick

Mlekarna Kunin
Born : 04.06.1976
Place of birth: PA (USA)

Height: 1.97
Games: 7
Position: F

Avg 26.4

1. Warrick, F. Mlekarna Kunin718526.4
2. Glover, A. Keflavik SC820425.5
3. Knight, W. Apollon Limassol819123.9
4. Madison, D. Benetton Olympic1023023.0
5. Richmond, A. BC Boncourt1225521.3
6. Spivey, R. Albacomp1224220.2
7. Davis III, L. Keravnos Keo815919.9
8. Zemljic, D. EURAS815719.6
9. Cross, D. Keravnos Keo815519.4
10. Banks, G. Banvit BC1223119.3
11. Bradford, N. Keflavik SC713419.1
12. Christoffersen, C. Bakken Bears814317.9
13. Gunnarson, M. Keflavik SC814317.9
14. Schiffner, J. Bakken Bears814117.6
15. Kennedy, G. Apollon Limassol814017.5
16. Holland, Y. BC Boncourt1220817.3
17. Younger , K. Albacomp1220517.1
18. Sanders, L. BK SCE Decin813116.4
19. Pauliukenas, V. BC Siauliai711316.1
20. Moon, T. Lokomotiv Rostov1422215.9
Qualification criteria:
  • Players appearing amongst the statistical leaders must have played in at least 50% of the total number of games that could be played by one team.