Points Per Game

Tina Charles

Wisla Can-Pack
Born : 05.12.1988
Place of birth: Flushing, NY (USA)

Height: 1.93
Games: 13
Position: C

Avg 24.0

1. Charles, T. Wisla Can-Pack1331224.0
2. Milovanovic, J. UE Sopron1222919.1
3. Lavender, J. Famila Schio1833118.4
4. Johnson, S. UE Sopron1221918.3
5. Ogwumike, N. CCC Polkowice1729717.5
6. Marginean, G. Municipal Targoviste1424217.3
7. Parker, C. UMMC Ekaterinburg1423616.9
8. Pierson, P. Good Angels Kosice1930215.9
9. Bonner, D. Nadezhda1320615.8
10. Abdi, F. BK IMOS Brno1117415.8
11. Kurasova, O. Rivas Ecopolis1523715.8
12. Taurasi, D. UMMC Ekaterinburg1726415.5
13. Matovic, I. Fenerbahce1929315.4
14. Robinson, D. Tarsus1116915.4
15. McCoughtry, A. Fenerbahce1929015.3
16. Milton-Jones, D. Tarsus1218315.3
17. Snell, B. CCC Polkowice1623614.8
18. Quigley, A. Good Angels Kosice1927914.7
19. Dupree, C. Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje1724814.6
20. Cruz, A. Rivas Ecopolis1521114.1
Qualification criteria:
  • Players appearing amongst the statistical leaders must have played in at least 50% of the total number of games that could be played by one team.