Points Per Game

Diana Taurasi

Sparta&K Moscow Region
Born : 11.06.1982
Place of birth: Glendale, Los Angeles, CA (USA)

Height: 1.82
Games: 16
Position: GF

Avg 24.9

1. Taurasi, D. Sparta&K Moscow Region1639824.9
2. McCoughtry, A. Good Angels Kosice1222819.0
3. Dupree, C. Good Angels Kosice1426418.9
4. Lyttle, S. Halcon Avenida1526417.6
5. Young, S. Galatasaray1220717.3
6. Macchi, L. Beretta-Famila 1220617.2
7. Langhorne, C. Rivas Ecópolis1322217.1
8. Jelavic, A. Gospic Croatia914716.3
9. Milton-Jones, D. Ros Casares1625716.1
10. Thomas, C. Gospic Croatia1015815.8
11. Powell, N. Fenerbahce1422115.8
12. Brunson, R. Cras Basket Taranto1218815.7
13. Sipaviciute, V. Szeviép1015615.6
14. Whalen, L. ZVVZ USK Prague1218715.6
15. Houston, C. ZVVZ USK Prague1218615.5
16. Matovic, I. Lotos Gdynia1218615.5
17. Taylor, P. Fenerbahce1421415.3
18. Yilmaz, N. Fenerbahce1421415.3
19. Burse, J. Wisla Can-Pack1826914.9
20. Vajda, A. MiZo Pécs 20101217814.8
Qualification criteria:
  • Players appearing amongst the statistical leaders must have played in at least 50% of the total number of games that could be played by one team.