Points Per Game

DeLisha Milton-Jones

Tarsus Belediye SK
Born : 11.09.1974
Place of birth: Jesup, GA (USA)

Height: 1.91
Games: 8
Position: PF

Avg 21.0

1. Milton-Jones, D. Tarsus Belediye SK816821.0
2. Charles, T. Dynamo Moscow1324618.9
3. Page, D. Basket Landes1017517.5
4. Johnson, S. Istanbul Universitesi1218815.7
5. Egnell, E. Norrköping Dolphins812515.6
6. Sverrisdóttir, H. Aluinvent Miskolc812415.5
7. Khomenchuk, A. Horizont Minsk812315.4
8. Raven, B. Aluinvent Miskolc812215.3
9. Murphy, S. MBK Ruzomberok811814.8
10. Hodges, D. Tarsus Belediye SK811814.8
11. Paris, C. Mersin Büyüksehir Bld1014714.7
12. Snow, M. Adana Botas1014514.5
13. Ajavon, M. Mersin Büyüksehir Bld1014514.5
14. Williams, L. PEAC-Pécs811614.5
15. Dupree, C. Dynamo Kursk1420114.4
16. Dabovic, A. Dynamo Moscow1115614.2
17. Augustus, S. Dynamo Kursk1216914.1
18. Likhtarovich, T. Horizont Minsk810513.1
19. Stepanova, K. Basket Landes1012912.9
20. Snytsina, K. Tarsus Belediye SK79012.9
Qualification criteria:
  • Players appearing amongst the statistical leaders must have played in at least 50% of the total number of games that could be played by one team.