Points Per Game

Austin Nichols

SAOS Hyeres
Born : 08.04.1982
Place of birth: CA (USA)

Height: 1.98
Games: 10
Position: SF

Avg 19.6

1. Nichols, A. SAOS Hyeres1019619.6
2. Mayes, D. Allianz Swans1019119.1
3. Perry, M. BC Triumph1831517.5
4. Greene, B. BC Sumykhimprom1016816.8
5. Washington, D. Ural Great1219816.5
6. Richardson, A. EiffelTowers1524716.5
7. Taylor, Q. Proteas EKA AEL2032516.3
8. Gipson, T. EclipseJet MyGuide1624915.6
9. Hill, C. Belgacom Liege1624215.1
10. Torbert, K. Dexia1217814.8
11. Langford, K. Virtus BolognaFiere1522114.7
12. Mujezinovic, H. Proteas EKA AEL2029014.5
13. Paulding, R. EWE Baskets1623214.5
14. Boykins, E. Virtus BolognaFiere1420214.4
15. Graves, A. Galatasaray Café Crown1318714.4
16. Green, C. Dexia1217114.3
17. Szewczyk, S. Lokomotiv Rostov1217114.3
18. Braswell, K. Cholet Basket1724114.2
19. House, F. Lokomotiv Rostov1013913.9
20. Foster, J. EWE Baskets1622213.9
Qualification criteria:
  • Players appearing amongst the statistical leaders must have played in at least 50% of the total number of games that could be played by one team.