Points Per Game

Derrick Allen

SC Keflavik
Born : 17.07.1980
Place of birth: AL (USA)

Height: 2.04
Games: 8
Position: PF

Avg 26.6

1. Allen, D. SC Keflavik821326.6
2. Bradford, N. SC Keflavik818823.5
3. Wilson, M. Ovarense Aerosoles1019219.2
4. Johnston, N. CAB Madeira815319.1
5. Morton, D. JA Vichy Auvergne610818.0
6. Barrett, R. SAOS JDA Dijon712517.9
7. Adams, T. Clube Atletico813216.5
8. Mandic, C. Clube Atletico914416.0
9. Rowe, J. HTV Basket914215.8
10. Morlende, P. SAOS JDA Dijon812415.5
11. Watkins, L. Clube Atletico811914.9
12. Miller, F. HTV Basket1014614.6
13. Morales, E. Ovarense Aerosoles68714.5
14. Monnet, J. SAOS JDA Dijon913014.4
15. Santos, J. Clube Atletico79113.0
16. Tavares, A. UD Oliveirense67712.8
17. Jones, H. Ovarense Aerosoles1012712.7
18. Termens, L. CAB Madeira78812.6
19. Jordão, F. UD Oliveirense67412.3
20. Legname, L. HTV Basket1113512.3
Qualification criteria:
  • Players appearing amongst the statistical leaders must have played in at least 50% of the total number of games that could be played by one team.