Foreign Coaches Make Themselves At Home
Merriam-Webster defines a foreigner as "a person belonging to or owing allegiance to a foreign country".

Nine of the 16 head coaches at EuroBasket 2009 know a thing or two about owing their allegiances to foreign countries as they are leading national teams other than their native lands - with a mixed bag of success.
Russia Clinch Spot In Quarter-Finals

Defending champions Russia are returning to the Quarter-Finals for the ninth consecutive time after beating F.Y.R. of Macedonia 71-69 in Qualifying Round Group E action for a spot in the final eight in Katowice.

Timofey Mozgov collected 25 points and 11 rebounds while Anton Ponkrashov had 10 points, six rebounds and seven assists and Andrey Vorontsevich chipped in 10 points off the bench for Russia, who improved to 3-2 in the group.



NoNamePos. HeightBirth datePlace of birth
 Eftim Bogojev PG 1.85 02.11.1980 Strumica (MKD)  
 Gjorgji Chekovski PF 2.02 11.12.1979 Skopje (MKD)  
 Aleksandar Dimitrovski SG 1.94 08.06.1980 Gevgelija (MKD)  
 Marjan Gjurov 2.00 04.05.1980 Stip (MKD)  
 Toni Grncarov 1.88 08.02.1980 Skopje (MKD)  
 Aleksandar Kostoski PG 1.88 05.03.1988 Skopje (MKD)  
 Jane Petrovski PG 1.80 09.02.1985 Skopje (MKD)  
 Goran Samardziev PG 1.88 24.05.1980 Kavardarci (MKD)  
 Darko Sokolov PG 1.90 08.05.1986 Kocani (MKD)  
 Ognen Stojanovski SG 1.90 25.01.1984 Skopje (MKD)  
 Darius Washington PG 1.88 06.12.1985 Orlando, FL (USA)  
 Michael Wilkinson PF 2.04 01.10.1981 WV (USA)  
 4Vrbica Stefanov PG 1.85 19.12.1973 Kavadarci (MKD)  
 5Vlado Ilievski PG 1.87 19.01.1980 Strumica (MKD)  
 6Dimitar Mirakovski PG 1.78 14.05.1981 Strumica (MKD)  
 7Riste Stefanov SG 1.94 30.08.1981 Kavadarci (MKD)  
 8Vojdan Stojanovski SG 1.94 09.12.1987 Skopje (MKD)  
 9Pero Blazevski SF 2.00 28.09.1972 Skopje (MKD)  
10Dime Tasovski SF 2.01 08.11.1980 Veles (MKD)  
11Todor Gechevski PF 2.08 28.08.1977 Kavadarci (MKD)  
12Pero Antic PF 2.10 29.07.1982 Skopje (MKD)  
13Zlatko Gocevski 2.06 09.02.1982 Stip (MKD)  
14Jeremiah Massey PF 2.02 22.07.1982 MI (USA)  
15Predrag Samardziski 2.15 11.04.1986 Skopje (MKD)  


Head Coach: Jovica Arsic
Assistant Coach: Marjan Lazovski

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Everything Is Possible

Defending champions Russia can finish second in the EuroBasket 2009 Qualifying Round Group E or even be eliminated depending on what happens in their showdown with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and the other results of the group.

There is still plenty to play for in Bydgoszcz with F.Y.R. of MAcedonia also having excellent chances of advancing to the Quarter-Finals, and making history, with a victory.

F.Y.R. Of Macedonia Topple Germany

A big second half run enabled F.Y.R. of Macedonia to write their first win in the Qualifying Round 86-75 over Germany on the second day of action in Group E in Bydgoszcz.

F.Y.R.O.M. now stand on a 1-3 record, tied with Germany, as both teams still hold a chance to make it to the Quarter-Finals.

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Greece Start With Convincing Win07.09.2009


F.Y.R. of Macedonia
F.Y.R. of Macedonia


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