Portugal Build Up Going Nicely

Iberia already have one team in the EuroBasket 2005 final round and there could be two if Portugal can build on their successful start to the summer.

Valentyn Melnychuk's men have won seven friendlies in a row, including three over both England and Slovakia, and a triumph over Castilla & Leon - a regional Spanish side.

Portugal Too Good For England Again

England suffered their second loss to Portugal in as many days when going down 88-70 in Belem, giving the home side an unassailable lead in their three-match series.

England effectively dug themselves into a hole from the start, allowing Portugal to hit six three-pointers as the hosts raced to a 35-14 lead.


NoNamePos. HeightBirth datePlace of birth
 Nuno Cortez PF 2.05 17.11.1982 Pampilhosa da Serra (POR)  
 Joao Gomes PF 2.04 05.02.1985  (CPV)  
 Nuno Marçal 2.05 14.11.1975 Porto (POR)  
 Pedro Monteiro 1.92 11.05.1971 Figueira da Foz (POR)  
 Luis Muchelas 2.04 10.12.1978 Brussels (BEL)  
 André Pinto 2.00 20.05.1980 Aveiro (POR)  
 Jaime Silva SG 1.89 04.06.1980 Ovar (POR)  
 Ian Stanback 2.03 23.06.1971 MO (USA)  
 António Tavares 1.84 10.12.1975 Barreiro (POR)  
 4Filipe da Silva PG 1.93 30.11.1979 Guimaraes (POR)  
 5Carlos Seixas SG 1.92 19.06.1972 Vila Real (POR)  
 6Jose Costa PG 1.88 08.12.1973 Figueira da Foz (POR)  
 7Paulo Cunha 2.00 01.08.1980 Vila Nova deGaia (POR)  
 8Francisco Jordão 2.05 30.12.1979 Lisbon (POR)  
 9Nuno Perdigao 1.94 19.07.1978 Miragaia, Porto, POR (POR)  
10Carlos Andrade SF 1.98 27.04.1978 N. S. De Graca (CPV)  
11Jorge Coelho PF 2.00 18.10.1978 Lisboa (POR)  
12Paulo Simao GF 2.00 27.04.1976 Barreiro (POR)  
13Elvis Evora 2.05 04.02.1978 Cabo Verde (POR)  
14Miguel Miranda 2.05 09.10.1978 Porto (POR)  
15Joao Santos SF 2.04 15.06.1979 Lisbon (POR)  

More Headlines

Portugal Stun England With Comeback Win

Portugal have dreams of making it to EuroBasket 2005 but if Monday night's game against England is any indication they will need some improvement.

Valentyn Melnychuk's men showed a tremendous fighting spirit to win 82-80, but the fact that they trailed a team a team like England, who did not play in European Championship qualifying action the past two years, by as many as 19 points in the third quarter will have given the coach plenty of concern.

Andrade Receives Portuguese Citizenship

Portugal have received a boost with the news that Queluz's star forward Carlos Andrade has been given citizenship and can take part in this month's three friendlies against England.

The Cape Verde-born player has lived in Portugal for the last 20 years and has finally had his application to become Portuguese accepted.

England Prepare In Portugal14.06.2005
Melnychuk Guiding Portuguese01.10.2004
European Championship for Men 2005 Qualification22.09.2003




PTSF. Jordão17.4
RTF. Jordão6.5
ASJ. Costa3.9
STF. Jordão1.6
BSP. Cunha0.7


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