Game for 3rd Place: Czech Republic 70 Hungary 47
After narrowly losing to Hungary in the Preliminary Round games, the Czech Republic were determined that there would be no repeat of that this afternoon. For almost 30 minutes the game could have gone either way but Hungary lacked their top scorer Anna Vajda (15 points, 5 rebounds) when they needed her most and the Czechs turned it to their complete advantage in the latter stages.
Semi-Final: Russia 89 Czech Republic 79

It was only after a long hard slog that Russia could claim victory this evening in the first Semi-Final of the Eural Trans Gas European Championship for U20 Women. In a game reminiscent of the Semi-Final of the U18 Championship 2 years ago, Czech Republic were not able this time to exact revenge for the defeat in 2002 and Russia again finished on top.



NoNamePos. HeightBirth datePlace of birth
 4Hana Stanková 1.67 19.07.1984 Praha (CZE)  
 5Katerina Konvickova SF 1.80 01.09.1985 Novy Jicin (CZE)  
 6Katerina Zohnová SF 1.79 07.11.1984 Kraslice (CZE)  
 7Darina Johnova SG 1.75 22.02.1985 Strakonice (CZE)  
 8Blanka Sedlácková 1.72 13.10.1984 Sokolov (CZE)  
 9Veronika Poláková 1.79 10.09.1984 Brno (CZE)  
10Zuzana Ondrejova PF 1.89 07.01.1985 Pardubice (CZE)  
11Anna Sýkorová 1.89 09.01.1985 Prerov (CZE)  
12Lenka Vetrovcová 1.86 18.05.1984 Kladno (CZE)  
13Jitka Musilová 1.84 06.11.1984 Vimperk (CZE)  
14Petra Kulichová 1.98 13.09.1984 Pardubice (CZE)  
15Ilona Burgrová 1.96 15.03.1984 Hradec Kralové (CZE)  

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Quarter-Finals: Czech Republic 74 Slovak Republic 69

The Slovaks very nearly pulled off the first upset of the Quarter-Finals by surprising their Czech cousins and making them fight for every basket right into the final minutes. The Czechs finished first in Group B and the Slovaks 4th in Group A, but the Slovak Rep. players were  in no way intimidated and came out ready to give everything.

Daily Round-Up - Day 5, 28th July
Finland 49 – Russia 81
Thanks to Russia’s loss yesterday to Ukraine, this game was do-or-die for both teams as a win handed the victor the last Quarter-Final place from Group A. Finland were still on an up after a great show against Slovak Republic but after the first 10 minutes today already started to look a little tired. Russia, however, looked in great shape, the key players having not played a lot of minutes against Ukraine.
Daily Round-UP - Day 3, 25th July25.07.2004
Daily Round-Up - Day 2, 24th July24.07.2004
Daily Round-Up - Day 1, 23rd July23.07.2004


Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Czech Republic


PTSL. Vetrovcová14.8
RTP. Kulichová8.3
ASH. Stanková5.0
STH. Stanková5.5
BSP. Kulichová2.0


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09.07.2003vs TUR[W] 90-81
10.07.2003vs SLO[W] 71-53
12.07.2003vs AUT[W] 113-35
13.07.2003vs CRO[W] 57-54



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