Lokomotiv Rostov 74 vs. CSU Asesoft Ploiesti 75

A sea of blue and white in the spectator tribunes greeted the teams as they hit the court for today’s FIBA Europe Cup Men Final in Ploiesti, Romania and CSU Asesoft’s boys in blue were going to need the support as they faced a tough opponent in Lokomotiv Rostov.

The cool-headed Russians had shown in the Semi-Final that they were very capable of taking the title, especially if their hosts’ level of concentration didn’t remain high. In a terrific final which, in the final minutes went right down to the wire, Ploiesti held off a final surge even in the last seconds to finish victorious and take the title.

Dynamo Moscow Region 63 vs. Lokomotiv Rostov 74

The FIBA Europe Cup Men Final Four 2005 got off to a terrific start this afternoon in Ploesti, Romania as Russians Dynamo Moscow Region took on domestic rivals Lokomotiv Rostov in the first Semi-Final game.



NoNamePos. HeightBirth datePlace of birth
 Andrey Babichev 2.10 11.03.1985 Stavropolsk.reg. (RUS)  
 Stanislav Chapovalov 2.00 05.02.1986 Tversk (RUS)  
 Denis Pavlov 2.02 15.05.1985 Rostov Na Don (RUS)  
 4Taejong Moon 1.99 01.12.1975 Seoul (KOR)  
 5Giedrius Gustas PG 1.90 04.03.1980 Kaunas (LTU)  
 6Konstantin Nesterov FC 2.05 25.02.1981 Gatchina (RUS)  
 7Igor Kudelin 1.95 10.08.1972 Taganrog 
 8Evgeny Voronov SG 1.94 07.05.1986 Stavropolsky reg. (RUS)  
 9Dmitry Sokolov 2.14 21.01.1985 Stavropolski reg. (RUS)  
10Vadim Panin SG 2.03 10.02.1984 Moscow (RUS)  
11Danny Lewis 1.88 21.06.1970 Kalamazoo, MI (USA)  
12Dmitriy Cheremnykh 2.13 21.09.1978 Rezh (RUS)  
13Lee Knorcale Matthews 2.02 24.07.1970 GA (USA)  
14Aleksey Zozulin SG 2.01 14.01.1983 Alma Ata (KAZ)  
15Arturas Masiulis 2.10 02.05.1980 Anyksciai (LTU)  

More Headlines

FIBA Europe Cup Men Final Four Goes To Romania
FIBA Europe is pleased to announce that the 2005 Final Four of the FIBA Europe Cup Men will be hosted by CSU Asesoft Ploiesti and will take place the 9th and 10th April, 2005 in Ploiesti, Romania.
Petkovic Takes Rostov Reins

Serbo-Montenegrin coach Aco Petkovic took the reins of Lokomotiv Rostov on Friday.

He arrived in Rostov on Thursday and conducted his first training session with the club on Friday after signing a two-and-a-half year contract.

FIBA Europe Cup Men Pan-European Play-Offs Draw Complete18.02.2005
FIBA Europe Cup Conference Final Fours Set21.01.2005
MBC Odessa 79 vs. Lokomotiv Rostov 8208.12.2004


Lokomotiv Rostov
Lokomotiv Rostov
Lokomotiv Rostov


PTST. Moon15.9
RTL. Matthews8.6
ASD. Lewis3.2
STT. Moon1.9
BSD. Sokolov1.1


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