Brno Thump Pecs

Gambrinus Brno went into the deciding game three of their EuroLeague Women Eighth Finals showdown with MiZo Pecs looking extremely vulnerable after two close games.

A different Gambrinus, and a different MiZo, showed up to play on Wednesday night, however.

MiZo Pécs 2010 Still Alive After Thriller Against Brno

MiZo Pécs 2010 beat visiting Gambrinus Sika Brno 58-55 on Friday to force a deciding third game in their EuroLeague Women Eighth-Finals series.

Graziane Jesús Coelho had 15 points and eight rebounds, and Dalma Ivanyi scored nine, handed out eight assists and grabbed five boards for MiZo.



NoNamePos. HeightBirth datePlace of birth
 Bernadett Balla FC 1.87 15.09.1991 Pécs (HUN)  
 Anita Heller PG 1.74 10.08.1981 Tatabánya (HUN)  
 Jelena Ivezic SG 1.82 17.03.1984 Slavonski Brod (CRO)  
 Krisztina Raksányi SG 1.83 26.09.1991 Altötting (GER)  
 4Zsófia Fegyverneky 1.78 29.09.1984 Pécs (HUN)  
 6Nikolett Gémes-Sarok SF 1.82 17.04.1990 Pécs (HUN)  
 8Dalma Ivanyi PG 1.76 18.03.1976 Békéscsaba (HUN)  
 9Emilija Podrug PF 1.89 20.12.1979 Split (CRO)  
10Andrea Somogyi SF 1.83 09.09.1986 Budapest (HUN)  
12Kornelia Meszaros SF 1.86 26.01.1974 Mako (HUN)  
13Anna Vajda FC 1.90 03.09.1984 Budapest (HUN)  
14Tijana Krivacevic PF 1.94 08.04.1990 Novi Sad (SRB)  
15Graziane de Jesús Coelho 1.90 18.01.1983 Sao Paulo (BRA)  
20Nóra Kováts SF 1.81 01.06.1988 Szeged (HUN)  
21Brigitta Kopácsi 1.68 30.09.1989 Pécs (HUN)  


Head Coach: László Rátgéber

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Gambrinus Survive At Home Against MiZo

Gambrinus Sika Brno held on for dear life to beat MiZo Pecs on the opening night of eighth finals play-off action in the EuroLeague Women.

In one of the best games of the year, one that was close from start to finish, Pecs' Zsfia Fegyverneky tied the contest at 61-61 with 2:34 remaining to set up a thrilling finish.

Ivanyi Not Afraid Of Gambrinus Brno

Every year at MiZo Pecs, there is that one constant.  Her name is Dalma Ivanyi.

How long has she been running up and down the floor with this well-known Hungarian club? In Europe, she played on the team that took part in the 1995 Ronchetti Cup.

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MiZo Pécs 2010
MiZo Pécs 2010
MiZo Pécs 2010


PTSE. Podrug12.9
RTA. Vajda6.5
ASD. Ivanyi5.7
STD. Ivanyi1.9
BSG. Coelho0.5


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08.11.2007vs Dynamo[L] 48-77 (A)
15.11.2007vs TEO Vilnius[W] 84-75 (H)
22.11.2007vs USO Basket[W] 68-60 (H)
28.11.2007vs Germano Zama Faenza[W] 68-66 (A)
06.12.2007vs Ros Casares[L] 75-80 (H)
13.12.2007vs Dynamo[L] 86-92 (H)
20.12.2007vs TEO Vilnius[W] 77-57 (A)
09.01.2008vs USO Basket[W] 77-72 (A)
17.01.2008vs Germano Zama Faenza[W] 82-71 (H)
23.01.2008vs Ros Casares[L] 60-89 (A)
05.02.2008vs Gambrinus Brno[L] 67-71 (A)
08.02.2008vs Gambrinus Brno[W] 58-55 (H)
13.02.2008vs Gambrinus Brno[L] 45-84 (A)


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