Matti Nuutinen (Finland)

Matti Nuutinen

Nationality: FIN
Born : 06.05.1990
Place of birth: Turku (FIN)
Height: 2.00m
Position: SG

7.5Points per game
5.8Rebounds per game
0.9Assists per game


Matti NUUTINEN - EuroBasket 2013 Profile
Team 2012-13: Nilan Bisons Loimaa (Finland-Korisliiga)
Career: Kouvolan Kouvot (Finland-Korisliiga, 2007-09); Salon Vilpas (Finland-Korisliiga, 2009-11); Nilan Bisons Loimaa (Finland-Korisliiga, 2011-13)

Nuutinen started to make a name for himself in the spring 2011, when he was inserted into Finnish league team Salon Vilpas' starting line-up and started to have maniacal scoring sprees. For the last two seasons, Nuutinen has become the corner-shooting, slam-dunking, D-him-up role player of two-time Finnish champion Nilan Bisons Loimaa whilst still beginning to blaze his path to the European elite level. In 2012, Nuutinen was impressive in his first summer with the Wolf Pack and once he's able to play on the European elite level with the same brashness as he has in domestic action, pro scouts will start to notice. With Nuutinen being the type of player who has ice water running through his veins, EuroBasket 2013 could well be his coming-out party.


vs Slovak Republic (W 62-52)201/616.71/520.00/10.01/250.07411020013
vs Poland (L 72-61)251/520.01/250.00/30.00/20.0189031012
vs Ireland (W 77-56)247/1353.84/757.13/650.00/00.02680210117
vs Czech Republic (W 84-74)327/1353.85/862.52/540.00/00.01341120216
vs England (L 64-63)213/837.52/540.01/333.32/2100.0314202049
vs Georgia (L 64-60)202/633.32/633.30/00.00/00.0033112034
vs Poland (W 60-48)191/425.00/10.01/333.30/20.0235020043
vs Bosnia and Herzegovina (L 89-76)222/728.62/728.60/00.02/2100.0112303026
CategorySeason highCareer high
Points1713.08.2006 vs. Ireland22 - 2 times
Total Rebounds1111.08.2006 vs. Slovak Republic11 - 2 times
Assists320.08.2006 vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina3 - 3 times
Steals320.08.2006 vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina3 - 4 times
Blocked Shots 2 - U20 European Championship Men 2009
22.07.2009 vs Georgia
Minutes3215.08.2006 vs. Czech Republic33 - U20 European Championship Men 2009
20.07.2009 vs Norway
Field Goals Made72 times9 - U20 European Championship Men 2010
23.07.2010 vs Slovak Republic
Field Goals Attempted132 times13 - 3 times
2 Pts Field Goals Made515.08.2006 vs. Czech Republic5 - 5 times
2 Pts Field Goals Attempted815.08.2006 vs. Czech Republic11 - U18 European Championship Men 2007
12.08.2007 vs Slovak Republic
3 Pts Field Goals Made313.08.2006 vs. Ireland4 - U20 European Championship Men 2010
23.07.2010 vs Slovak Republic
3 Pts Field Goals Attempted613.08.2006 vs. Ireland6 - 2 times
Free Throws Made22 times6 - 2 times
Free Throws Attempted25 times8 - U18 European Championship Men 2008
25.07.2008 vs Hungary
Offensive Rebounds711.08.2006 vs. Slovak Republic7 - U16 European Championship Men 2006
11.08.2006 vs Slovak Republic
Defensive Rebounds812.08.2006 vs. Poland8 - 2 times



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