Points Per Game

Ana Jokovic

ZKK Buducnost
Born : 16.07.1979
Place of birth: Belgrade (SRB)

Height: 1.86
Games: 14
Position: F

Avg 21.1

1. Jokovic, A. ZKK Buducnost1429621.1
2. Sarenac, R. Tarbes GB1324719.0
3. Ferancikov√°, M. SCP1322717.5
4. Valdemoro, A. Ros Casares1219916.6
5. Trzesniewska, E. PZU Polfa1321316.4
6. Balogh, J. Gysevorsi-Euroleasing1727816.4
7. Wauters, A. Union Sportive Valenciennes Olympic1727816.4
8. Maksimovic, S. CJM Bourges Basket1625916.2
9. Melvin, C. Lotos VBW Clima1524116.1
10. Dydek, M. Lotos VBW Clima1523615.7
11. Scott, O. Famila Beretta1421815.6
12. Kovacevic, G. Gysevorsi-Euroleasing1726215.4
13. Milton-Jones, D. UMMC Ekaterinburg1724614.5
14. Bibrzycka, A. Lotos VBW Clima1521414.3
15. Vesel, S. SCP1318514.2
16. Abrosimova, S. Famila Beretta1419914.2
17. Vodickov√°, K. Gambrinus JME1825314.1
18. Grubin, G. Lotos VBW Clima1521014.0
19. Korstin, I. CJM Bourges Basket1722813.4
20. Zirkov√°, Z. Gambrinus JME1925013.2
Qualification criteria:
  • Players appearing amongst the statistical leaders must have played in at least 50% of the total number of games that could be played by one team.