Points Per Game
21. Natov, S. Tcherno More1014814.8
22. Topic, M. KK Crvena Zvezda1521914.6
23. Pekovic, S. KK Buducnost913114.6
24. Garrick, T. Kombassan Konya1216513.8
25. Meneghin, A. Varese Roosters1013713.7
26. Miller Tolbert, K. UNICAJA1013613.6
27. Pluta, A. Ericsson Bobry912013.3
28. Babkov, S. UNICAJA1013313.3
29. Popovic, O. KK Crvena Zvezda1621213.3
30. Ivanovic, A. KK Buducnost911713.0
31. Vukcevic, D. KK Buducnost1012812.8
32. Keys, R. Scaligera Basket1518912.6
33. Valeiko, E. BK Ventspils1215012.5
34. Laure, W. SAOS JDA Dijon1214712.3
35. Woods, M. TAK Papagos1012212.2
36. Brown, J. Scaligera Basket1619512.2
37. Angelidis, C. Aris BSA1214512.1
38. Blackwell, E. Cholet Basket1416912.1
39. Scepanovic, V. KK Buducnost1011511.5
40. Ivanovic, M. KK Buducnost1011511.5
Qualification criteria:
  • Players appearing amongst the statistical leaders must have played in at least 50% of the total number of games that could be played by one team.