Points Per Game

Ashante Johnson

ECM Nymburk
Born : 12.05.1976
Place of birth: CA (USA)

Height: 2.03
Games: 5
Position: SF

Avg 24.6

1. Johnson, A. ECM Nymburk512324.6
2. Dzunic, B. Klima-Vill KK716523.6
3. Grant, M. Honka Playboys48020.0
4. Curovic, M. E.S.O. Lucenec59919.8
5. Mc Culloch, D. Kongsberg Penguins47919.8
6. White, R. Ulriken Eagles59719.4
7. Zivkovic, V. Khimik47719.3
8. Botichev, A. BC Azovmash59418.8
9. Moseley, D. Albacomp58617.2
10. Hart, M. Albacomp58617.2
11. Wucherer, D. TSV Bayer 04610116.8
12. Hawthorne, R. Kongsberg Penguins46716.8
13. Whorton, J. TSK Franken58116.2
14. Ivkovic, S. Klima-Vill KK711216.0
15. Lapov, B. Albacomp58016.0
16. Gurtovyy, V. BC Azovmash69515.8
17. Snopko, D. E.S.O. Lucenec57815.6
18. Jackson, F. Klima-Vill KK710815.4
19. Maksymenko, A. Khimik57715.4
20. Best, J. TSV Bayer 0469215.3
Qualification criteria:
  • Players appearing amongst the statistical leaders must have played in at least 50% of the total number of games that could be played by one team.