Points Per Game

Igor Griszczuk

Born : 09.06.1964
Place of birth: Minsk (BLR)

Height: 1.95
Games: 10
Position: G

Avg 26.9

1. Griszczuk, I. Anwil1026926.9
2. Middleton, L. Limoges CSP1431422.4
3. Kurtinaitis, R. BC Zalgiris1431022.1
4. Perasovic, V. TAU CERAMICA1736921.7
5. Dayneko, V. WBC Dynamo1634121.3
6. Katz, A. Bnei Herzliya1327621.2
7. Prelevits, B. PAOK BC1836320.2
8. Stojakovic, P. PAOK BC1324819.1
9. Mitchell, B. Telindus1222518.8
10. Bonato, Y. Limoges CSP1426118.6
11. Müürsepp, M. BC Kalev1120418.5
12. Hauptman, D. Union Olimpija1221618.0
13. Nicola, M. TAU CERAMICA1730017.6
14. Rivas Contreras, J. TAU CERAMICA1526117.4
15. Brkic, H. Partizan 1220817.3
16. Kovacic, E. BC Zrinjevac1220417.0
17. Thirdkill, D. Bnei Herzliya1321616.6
18. Pehka, R. BC Kalev1016616.6
19. Hill, K. BC Kalev1016116.1
20. Hudson, J. Bnei Herzliya1320615.8
Qualification criteria:
  • Players appearing amongst the statistical leaders must have played in at least 50% of the total number of games that could be played by one team.