Points Per Game

Nikolaos Galis

Panathinaikos BSA
Born : 23.07.1957
Place of birth: New York (USA)

Games: 21

Avg 23.8

1. Galis, N. Panathinaikos BSA2150023.8
2. Young, M. Limoges CSP1740023.5
3. Paspalj, Z. Olympiakos BC1939820.9
4. Tarpley, R. Olympiakos BC1939720.9
5. Danilovic, P. Kinder Pall. Bologna1428020.0
6. Nzadi Conceicao, J. Lisboa e Benfica1630819.3
7. Varner, W. WATCO1629518.4
8. Santos, C. Lisboa e Benfica1629418.4
9. Volkov, A. Panathinaikos BSA2138318.2
10. Hammink, G. Pallacanestro Polti1425218.0
11. Zuric, I. KK Cibona VIP1526717.8
12. Massenburg, T. FC Barcelona2034817.4
13. Sabonis, A. Real Madrid Teka1526117.4
14. Arlauckas, J. Real Madrid Teka1627417.1
15. Villacampa, J. Pinturas Bruguer1931816.7
16. Naumoski, P. Efes Pilsen1931716.7
17. Shamsid-Deen, A. TSV Bayer 041625716.1
18. Carter, H. PAU Orthez1625115.7
19. Pittis, R. Benetton1320215.5
20. Rusconi, S. Benetton1421315.2
Qualification criteria:
  • Players appearing amongst the statistical leaders must have played in at least 50% of the total number of games that could be played by one team.