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Serbia & Montenegro Wins European Championship for Cadettes

Although Serbia and Montenegro does not have as impressive a record in girl's basketball as in boy's, the 2003 cadette team certainly looked impressive en route to an 8-0 record and the European Championship.

Serbia and Montenegro did not make the game look as easy as their male counterparts in Rivas, playing several close games on the way to the final. Most notably, they won their quarter and semi-final games by a combined margin of 3 points, defeating Croatia 56-55 (quarter-final) and Ukraine 64-62 (semi-final).


Accumulated historical results

2003European Championship for Cadettesst1717/077.9/49.6
2001European Championship for Cadettes10 th72/558.0/75.4
1999European Championship for Cadettesnd1714/360.1/52.0
1997European Championship for Cadettesth139/462.5/59.5
1991European Championship for Cadettesnd76/184.9/66.6
1989European Championship for Cadettesth74/356.6/54.6
1987European Championship for Cadettesrd74/381.9/78.4
1985European Championship for Cadettesrd76/175.9/53.6
1984European Championship for Cadettesth74/365.6/55.0
1982European Championship for Cadettesst76/170.4/52.7
1980European Championship for Cadettesth85/369.6/65.4
1978European Championship for Cadettesth85/365.3/62.5
1976European Championship for Cadettesth65/176.5/56.5


18.04.2003vs LAT[W] 75-50
19.04.2003vs BUL[W] 80-49
20.04.2003vs ITA[W] 91-57
21.04.2003vs GRE[W] 68-38
22.04.2003vs FIN[W] 77-42


NoNamePos. Height
 4Tamara Radocaj 1.70 
 5Milena Petrovic 1.80 
 6Marina Ristic PG 1.65 
 7Iva Prcic 1.76 
 8Dragana Stojcevic   
 9Zorica Mitov 1.89 
10Jelena Dubljevic PF 1.88 
11Nina Djokovic SF 1.84 
12Dunja Prcic SG 1.80 
13Vanja Ilic 1.84 
14Biljana Stjepanovic 1.90 
15Miljana Bojovic PG 1.81