Dmitrii Kulagin (KRASNYE KRYLIA)

Dmitrii Kulagin

Nationality: RUS
Born : 01.07.1992
Place of birth: Moscow (RUS)
Height: 1.97m
Position: GF

4.2Points per game
1.8Rebounds per game
1.6Assists per game



Dmitriy KULAGIN - EuroBasket 2013 Profile
Team 2012-13: Krasnye Krylia Samara (Russia-PBL)
Career: Nizhny Novgorod (Russia-PBL, 2009-11), Triumph Lyubertsy Moscow Region (Russia-PBL, 2011-12), Krasnye Krylia Samara (Russia-PBL, 2012-13)

Dmitriy Kulagin has made his name heard at youth European/World Championships. He was the star at the U18 European Championship in 2010 when Russia won silver, and then led the team to bronze at the FIBA U19 World Championship. Now it is time for Dmitriy to make a debut for the senior team. Kulagin has all the tools to become an elite European point guard. He is a very strong and quick player with an impressive vertical leap. He can score in a lot of ways but his off-balanced shot is perhaps the most noticeable thing in his arsenal. Kulagin also likes to create for his partners. He is a solid defender when focused on this part of the game. He spent last season in Krasnye Krylia, winning the EuroChallenge trophy and the Russian Cup.


vs Keravnos (W 79-74)180/40.00/30.00/10.01/250.00221100211
vs CSU Asesoft Ploiesti (W 76-79)90/60.00/20.00/40.00/00.00222000300
vs Joensuun Kataja (W 86-96)152/366.72/2100.00/10.02/2100.01011000336
vs Keravnos (W 51-82)221/425.01/333.30/10.02/2100.00113020124
vs CSU Asesoft Ploiesti (W 97-72)162/633.32/366.70/30.00/00.01341300214
vs Joensuun Kataja (W 66-58)231/616.71/425.00/20.02/2100.00554310144
vs Norrköping Dolphins (W 93-75)215/1145.51/425.04/757.10/00.011220012114
vs Khimik (W 69-77)90/50.00/40.00/10.01/250.00111010221
vs Tofas SC (W 70-78)202/728.62/450.00/30.00/00.00223000214
vs Tofas SC (W 86-65)243/837.53/650.00/20.04/4100.000000104310
vs Telekom Baskets (W 80-60)101/520.00/00.01/520.00/00.00223010123
vs Gravelines Dunkerque (W 78-81)20/00.00/00.00/00.00/00.00000100000
vs Pinar Karsiyaka (W 76-77)81/250.00/00.01/250.00/00.00110000113
CategorySeason highCareer high
Points1415.01.2013 vs. Norrköping Dolphins27 - 2 times
Total Rebounds511.12.2012 vs. Joensuun Kataja12 - FIBA U19 World Championship for Men 2011
08.07.2011 vs United States of America
Assists411.12.2012 vs. Joensuun Kataja8 - U18 European Championship Men 2010
27.07.2010 vs Serbia
Steals228.11.2012 vs. Keravnos5 - 3 times
Blocked Shots115.01.2013 vs. Norrköping Dolphins1 - 12 times
Minutes2426.02.2013 vs. Tofas SC39 - 4 times
Field Goals Made515.01.2013 vs. Norrköping Dolphins10 - FIBA U19 World Championship for Men 2011
10.07.2011 vs Argentina
Field Goals Attempted1115.01.2013 vs. Norrköping Dolphins20 - 2 times
2 Pts Field Goals Made326.02.2013 vs. Tofas SC8 - FIBA U19 World Championship for Men 2011
10.07.2011 vs Argentina
2 Pts Field Goals Attempted626.02.2013 vs. Tofas SC16 - U16 European Championship Men 2008
23.08.2008 vs Serbia
3 Pts Field Goals Made415.01.2013 vs. Norrköping Dolphins5 - 2 times
3 Pts Field Goals Attempted715.01.2013 vs. Norrköping Dolphins10 - U16 European Championship Men 2008
16.08.2008 vs Israel
Free Throws Made426.02.2013 vs. Tofas SC9 - U16 European Championship Men 2008
20.08.2008 vs Croatia
Free Throws Attempted426.02.2013 vs. Tofas SC13 - 2 times
Offensive Rebounds13 times4 - FIBA U19 World Championship for Men 2011
08.07.2011 vs United States of America
Defensive Rebounds511.12.2012 vs. Joensuun Kataja9 - U18 European Championship Men 2009
31.07.2009 vs France



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Kulagin, Savoy Receive One Game Ban23.08.2014