Points Per Game

Carmen Guzman

MBK Ruzomberok
Born : 16.07.1985
Place of birth: New York (USA)

Height: 1.72
Games: 10
Position: G

Avg 20.2

1. Guzman, C. MBK Ruzomberok1020220.2
2. Moss, D. Gran Canaria916718.6
3. Sanders, L. Kayseri Kaski spor1323117.8
4. Anufryienka, N. Horizont814017.5
5. Chaney, Q. Botas1220717.3
6. Marginean, G. Arras1016916.9
7. Petrakova, A. Dynamo Kursk1321816.8
8. Vandersloot, C. Besiktas JK711616.6
9. Ndour, A. Gran Canaria1016116.1
10. Wright, M. Botas1219316.1
11. Akonga, P. Arras914416.0
12. Carter, A. Hainaut Basket914215.8
13. Lee, L. Gran Canaria1015015.0
14. Meesseman, E. Lotto Young Cats811814.8
15. Le Gluher-Cano, A. Basket Landes811714.6
16. Snow, M. Dynamo Kursk1318914.5
17. Solopova, M. Hainaut Basket1014414.4
18. Paris, C. Botas1217214.3
19. Makhlina, S. Chevakata1217114.3
20. Stampalija, P. Hainaut Basket1013413.4
Qualification criteria:
  • Players appearing amongst the statistical leaders must have played in at least 50% of the total number of games that could be played by one team.