Quotes Dynamo Kursk vs. Dynamo Moscow

27 March 2014

Dynamo Moscow Head Coach Vladimir Shtam

"I imagined before the game that it will be not easy to win but I could not imagine it would be that difficult. This is women's basketball. They try to celebrate but they can't do that and then after that they stop their celebrations and we were lucky Kursk did not score some three-pointers on open shots. If they scored, then probably we could have lost. But I am happy that we have won EuroCup Women for a second time in a row."

Dynamo Moscow Player Ana Dabovic 

"I am really happy. It is weird to lose by 24 points and celebrate. It is a really good thing to win the EuroCup two times in a row and it means the staff and the coach are working really well. Kursk played really good today and did not sleep from the beginning and it was hard, really hard to play against them because we only played with five or six players and they rotated all 12."

Dynamo Kursk Head Coach Bo Overton

"We had talked for the last couple of days that we have a good enough team if we can get on a run and make some plays and get it to the fourth quarter then you never know. I think we did that tonight. I am really proud of the girls."

Dynamo Kursk Player Natalia Vodopyanova

"Today we played hard and everybody did what the coach wanted but it was too many points that we lost by in Moscow. For the fans it did not work out but today I think they should be happy with how we played and gave back [to them]."


27.03.2014 - EUROCUP WOMEN

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