Quotes: Istanbul Universitesi vs. Dynamo Kursk

27 February 2014

Istanbul Universitesi Head Coach Hasan Firat Okul
"We started well but after that our defence let us down. Kursk is a good team and we lost."

Istanbul Universitesi Player Miray Sahin
"We played against a very strong team. We were bad on defence. The opposing team played well."

Dynamo Kursk Coach Bo Overton
"They are a very good team, we know that. Very powerful inside. I think our players played very good today and played together. Simone shot the ball very well. I am really excited for the next game. Our players want to keep moving on to the cup.

Dynamo Kursk Player Oleksandra Kurasova
"As a team we are very happy. The next game is at home which is good and I hope we play even better next time."


27.02.2014 - EUROCUP WOMEN

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