Quotes Horizont Minsk - ACS Sepsi


Csaba Deri, ACS Sepsi Head Coach:

"We expected a hard game.  And it was. We were ready to play hard in defense and in first quarter we made it. But our offence was not helpful for us and I’m not sure that the gap could have been smaller."

Lejla Bejtic, ACS Sepsi:

"We have tried to play hard in defense but we could not. Today our opponent was stronger."

Anatoly Buyalski, Horizont Head Coach:

"We know that ACS Sepsi  is a very strong team with a number of strong players in its roster. But they have a short bench and we tried to use that. Our pressing gave us the result we were expecting. In the away game it will be too harder to achiee the same [result] though."

Darya Lipinskaya, Horizont:

"Every game is difficult. We won with a big gap today but it only shows only that were better prepared. The next game will be harder."


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