Quotes Horizont Minsk - Tarsus Belediye SK


Osman Olcay Orak, Tarsus head coach:

"We are upset with the result but Horizont is a very good team. We lost our first game in Turkey and we lost again now. But we'll play in the next round and I hope we'll do much better."

Donneka Hodges, Tarsus

"It was a very hard game for us. We had a chance to win it but Horizont made some important shots and won this game."

Anatoli Buyalski, Horizont head coach

"Our previous game in Turkey was harder for us. It was a very hard 4th quarter today. Tonight we were much stronger but made some childish mistakes which gave Tarsus a chance to get closer. I hope we will play better in the future."

Tatiana Likhtarovich, Horizont

"We believe in ourselves. This game was very important for us in this tournament ant that is why before the match we told each other that we must win it. It helped us in controling the situation."


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