Quotes Chevakata Vologda vs. Norrköping Dolphins


Dolphins head coach Lars Johansson
"It was our first experience of playing against a Russian team. We know that all Russian teams are strong and we expected a tough game. I congrtulate Chevakata on the victory, and I am very proud of our team because we showed a good fast game while Chevakata was prevailing in height. It was a really good and interesting game!"

Dolphins forward Elisabeth Egnell
"It is always difficult to play international games. The players of Chevakata were taller. It made it difficult for us, but we showed a fast game."

Chevakata head coach Dmitry Donskov
"It was a tough game. We prepared the girls that Swedish teams play active on defense, agressive on offense. We made a lot of mistakes in offence. I am satisfied with the result, but not with the game itself. We have a lot to work on. It was a good game!"


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