Quotes Kayseri Kaski spor vs. Beretta Famila

11 March 2014

Ayhan Avci, Kayseri Kaski Head Coach:

“We didn't play as we know.But we [managed to] balance the game. In the second half we played better in defence. And we need to play better in the next game.”

Sabrina Cinili, Kayseri Kaski:

“I'm proud of my team. We played together and we showed our quality. It won’t be the same [from Schio] in the next game. It will be hard but we will work hard.”

Miguel Martinez Mendez, Beretta Famila coach:

“First I would like to congratulate the home team. We will be going back home being sad. But this is the play-offs and these scores are normal. We played very well in the first 20 minutes but we should play 40 minutes the same way.”

Erlana Larkins, Beretta Famila: 

“I felt we should have won this game. This night it was really hard working.”



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