Quotes Perfumerias Avenida vs. Galatasaray odeabank


Ekrem Mennum, Galatasaray coach:

"Last time I was here, I apologised to the Salamanca fans because we didn´t play well, but today we did a great job, we executed our game plan perfectly, we stopped their fast-breaks and we had a great overall perfomance. I think we deserve to be in the F8."

Alba Torrens, Galatasaray:

"We came here very focused, because we knew it could be a hard game but we planned the game really well, we came with a lot of respect for Avenida. We did a great game offensively and defensively; we took the right decisions on every play and I think, probably, we had one of our best performances."

Víctor Lapeña, Avenida coach:

"First of all, congratulations to Galatasaray for reaching the Final 8, it is well deserved. I am proud because my team wanted to come back many times during the game, but at the end they were exhausted. Anyway, I think if we would have played as we know, probably we could have produced a toughest game. Globally, I think we had an acceptable Euroleague Women, we are a young team and [this experience] will serve for the future."

Marta Fernández, Avenida:

"We faced a really great team, they played very good and we couldn´t produce our best performance. We have to stay focused for 40 minutes is order to beat a team like Galatasaray and we missed too much under the basket. Obviously, they deserve the victory and the F8."


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