Quotes Galatasaray odeabank vs. Perfumerias Avenida


Ekrem Memnun, Galatasaray odeabank:

“We are happy that we managed to win the first match of this series. We want to win the next game as well and confirm our spot in the next round. We had full control of the game in the first half. We could have scored even more. In the beginning of the thırd period we made many turnovers, it helped them to come back to the game. Tomorrow we will fly to Spain, have a day off and then start getting ready for Friday’s match. It will be a real test for us. We will try to avoid simple errors and win that match. We have the advantage but we will try our best to not have to return for a third match in Istanbul.”

Kelsey Bone, Galatasaray odeabank:

“We wanted to protect our home court advantage. We won today and we are so happy that we achieved our goal.”

Victor Lapena, Perfumerias Avenida coach:

“Our players fought in the game and until the end. I'm proud of my team because of that. From time to time we took great shots. We want to win on Friday and take that trip to Istanbul again next Wednesday.”

Eshaya Murphy, Perfumerias Avenida:

“I want to congratulate Galatasaray. They're a really good team. We wanted to keep the game close here and I think we made it. We fought for the entire game and that was the thing. We want to even the series on Friday.”


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