Quotes: Novi Zagreb vs. Perfumerias Avenida


Novi Zagreb Head Coach Vladimir Ivankovic
"Congratulations to my team for the second half. I wasn't happy with how we played in the first half, so we made some changes. Congratulations to both teams for a good game."

Novi Zagreb Player Lisa Karcic
"It is unfortunate that we couldn't finish the game off after having a strong second half.  We played hard and just have to stay postive and carry this feeling to our final game against Sparta&K."

Perfumerias Avenida Head Coach Victor Lapena
"It was a very important game for our confidance before the play-offs. In the second half we did not play defence like in first half and that is why Novi Zagreb came back in second half."

Perfumerias Avenida Player Marija Rezan
"We played bad in the second half. For Novi Zagreb this wasn't an important game so they played very well. The most important thing is that we won this game. Novi Zagreb is a better team than last seasson and I wish them all the best."





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