Quotes Greece vs. Poland

22 June 2013

Greece head coach George Dikaioulakos
"The first four quarters, of a total of eight we have to play against Poland, are over. We were focused in defense and this is what we keep from this first encounter, because offensively it just wasn't our day. It didn't cost us though. Poland got some unexpected help from the three point line, by some players that haven't played that much so far. We are heading to the second game against Poland with the same philosophy we had last week against Israel. We want to win the second game too."

Greece forward Artemis Spanou
"We were really focused from the first second to the last. We played very well in defense and we imposed our rhythm. This 15 point margin will help us heading to the second game in Poland. It was important for us, that when our opponents tried to make their come back, we didn't let them. We fought back and we got this +15 in the end. Nothing is over... Our goal now is to be serious and focused in the next game in order to achieve our goal."

Poland head coach Jacek Winnincki
"I believe that during a long period, we were in the game, claiming the victory. Although we were down by 16 in the third quarter, we fought back and we had the chance to get into the second game in Poland with a margin not that big. But we couldn't pull through, because we lost our concentration. Greece has the advantage with this +15. Nothing is over though! It won't be easy to turn things around, but we still have a chance."

Poland forward Agnieszka Szott-Hejmej
"Defense was the key that led Greece to win. It was impossible for us to find our rhythm during the game, exactly because of their defense. Now, we have to turn things around in Poland. We had to do it in the semifinal and we did. So, now, we know what we have to do."


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