Quotes Portugal vs. F.Y.R. of Macedonia

07 June 2013

Portugal Head Coach Ricardo Vasconcelos
"We are a young team and started quite good but when we are not playing our game we cannot win. We were not aggressive on defence and we didn't play as we should therefor the loss. We will continue to fight and gain wins."

Portugal player Carla Freitas
"We really wanted to win in our first game in the tournament but this is basketball and anything can happen. The F.Y.R. of Macedonia players played better than us, but still there's a chance for us, especially if we win against Germany."


F.Y.R of Macedonia Head Coach Goran Jovanovic
"It's an historical win for us, and we are very happy. It's our first time playing to qualify for EuroBasket Women and to win the first one is a big thing. We showed that with a fight and big heart we can do anything. We came as underdogs to this tournament and Israel and Germany are better teams than us but we want to continue what we started today."

F.Y.R. of Macedonia player Slavica Dimovska
"I am very happy for our win against Portugal, we got to this tournament without many expectations and to tell the truth not many thought that we will win, but we did. Now we want to continue winning and I think that the game against Israel will be a key game for us as well as for Israel."


07.06.2013 - EUROBASKET WOMEN 2015

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