Quotes Netherlands vs. Estonia

08 June 2013

Netherlands Head Coach Meindert Van Veen:
"We had a bad start in the game, but in the second quarter, thanks to our full-court press, we managed to come back. So we were able to lead by four at halftime. In the second half Estonia played a lot better. So they completely deserve their victory. Already now, after two games only, this tournament is a big disappointment for us."

Netherlands player Tanya Bröring:
"We wanted to continue to play the full-court press in the second half too because it brought us back in the game during the second quarter. The problem was that we didn't have the energy anymore after all these efforts before halftime. Estonia played a lot smarter in these moments. They had a lot of open shots they could make easily and so they deserved their victory completely. We have to play a lot tougher in the future."


Estonia Head Coach Jaanus Levkoi:
"The Dutch team created a lot of problems for us with their full-court press during the second quarter, so we had to adjust a few details during halftime. After that the girls did what they had to do on the court. We played a pretty offense in the second half and the Dutch team lost its confidence more and more. However the last game of the tournament will be very hard because Greece has a very tough team."

Estonia player Viive-Kai Rebane:
"We played a very good second half, after we found good solutions against their full-court press. On defence, we managed pretty well to keep their tall inside players away from the baskets. I think we deserved our victory today. We came to Luxembourg to win two games what we have done already right now. Who knows maybe we are able to also win the third, but the team from Greece is very strong."


08.06.2013 - EUROBASKET WOMEN 2015

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