Quotes Pinar Karsiyaka vs. Krasnye Krylia

28 April 2013

Pinar Karsiyaka head coach Ufuk Sarica:
"I don't know what to say. It was the final game, and it ended like a final. It was a cruel ending for us. Congratulations to my players, the whole organisation and everybody who put the effort into getting here. We dreamed about the title; we played for it, but in the end we could not finish the game like expected. We had trouble when the tempo of the game changed, when it almost stopped."

Pinar Karsiyaka player Melvin Sanders:
"It was a vey hard-fought game. In the deciding moments, we did not get the key stops. When we were up by 17 points, we did not play like winners."

Krasnye Krylia head coach Sergey Bazarevich:
"It is a special feeling to stay undefeated through the whole season and then play the home team in the final. Even when we were down, I knew that if we stayed patient, we could get through it. Sometimes it is true that you just have to let the players play. I am very proud and happy for my players and the club; Samara needs a basketball boost. Maybe Karsiyaka deserved to win as the hosts, but I believe that we were the best team in the competition and we proved it tonight."

Krasnye Krylia captain Aaron Miles:
"Much respect to Karsiyaka, they fought hard in front of their great fans. I think they got see an instant classic; it was a good win for us. When we were down by 17, it felt good to silence the crowd, and most importantly, we did it together as a team."

Krasnye Krylia player DeJuan Collins:
"Thanks to Karsiyaka for hosting an unbelievable Final Four. The home crowd worked against us in the first half, but it motivated us in the second half. I feel very good right now."



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