Quotes EWE Baskets Oldenburg vs. BC Khimik Yuzhne

19 March 2013

Oldenburg head coach Sebastian Machowski:
"I'm glad that we don't have to leave right after the game. This was the fourth game for us in the last eight days. And the team played very well in most of those games. Even after the tough loss in Ukraine, we bounced back and won our league game in Tübingen in convincing fashion. Today, we scored the ball really well and as a result of that, really deserved this win. I had a great time watching from the sidelines and really enjoyed being a part of all this."

Oldenburg player Adam Chubb:
"We knew that Khimik were no pushovers. They came here ready to fight and had the same aspirations as us to advance to the Final Four. But we were prepared for their physical game and we stayed in our offensive sets. When our shots started to fall, we simply played hard, kept our concentration and had fun together. I can't remember when I last had a game with so many dunkings. Khimik didn't make it easy for us but in the end I think we deserved to advance."


19.03.2013 - EUROCHALLENGE

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