Quotes EWE Baskets vs. Khimik Yuzhne

12 March 2013

Khimik assistant coach Vitaly Stepanovski
"It was a very tough game for us. Oldenburg had a lot of time to prepare for us and it showed. We tried a lot of different defensive setups and have learned what works against them and what doesn't. We weren't surprised by their quality of play and are encouraged that we stayed in the game until the end. We are looking forward to playing them again in two days."

Khimik player Artem Pustovyi
"We had a chance to win it with our comeback in the last quarter, but we ran out of luck in the last minutes. We fought hard for 40 minutes but today that was not enough. Still it was plain to see, that both teams are equally matched and that the series will probably be decided in three games."

Oldenburg head coach Sebastian Machowski
"It was important to win game one. The end result is not that important, but the game never needed to be this close. We were careless with our chances and wasted a lot of easy opportunities. Still we controlled the game for the whole time and got our stops when needed. What we need to improve between now and Thursday is the defense against their strong inside-outside combinations and we need to keep them away from the offensive boards."

Oldenburg guard Julius Jenkins
"I tried to be aggressive today and my teammates got me very good looks and worked really hard. The first half was a bit frustrating because so many layups went in and out and we left a lot of points on the table. We look forward to play again in two days, despite the long travel. It is a good rhythm to have games this frequently and we players really enjoy our game right now."


12.03.2013 - EUROCHALLENGE

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